Linas Kaziulionis

  Linas Kaziulionis is an artist from Lithuania, graduated in Painting at Vilnius Art Academy in 2018, and was granted the professional artist status provided by the Ministry of Culture. He has been active in the art world for more than seven years, participated in interdisciplinary and painting projects. Also at the beginning of the year, he founded the public creative studio K ART 7 in the Old Town of Vilnius, where artistic presentations are gaining momentum.

  The artistic experience of L. Kaziulionis can be divided into two parts: one – muralistic art, which made the artist known even outside the country, and secondly – classical painting, which is interesting for its depth, conceptual, and freshness. L. Kaziulionis’ large-scale muralistic works have become the landscapes of the city or certain subcultures inviting dialogue with the artists and history of the past. This is a favorite theme of Linas, which has escalated in more than one of his well-known works of classical art, which are interwoven with the images and details of the modern world, questioning their influence and place in the life of modern man. The use of different authors, characters, installation of works using the latest technologies becomes a leitmotif of L. Kaziulionis's work, enticing even a young audience who is not interested in art. On the other hand, classical oil painting is very intimate, small-format, and contemplative.


  ”The fresco from background is from Stabia villa Arianna and on top you can see the sculpture of Roman goddess Flora (fresco of her also you can find in Stabia).” – Linas     Kaziulionis

  “L'affresco sullo sfondo proviene da Stabia villa Arianna e in cima puoi vedere la scultura della dea romana Flora (un affresco di lei che puoi trovare anche a Stabia).” – Linas Kaziulionis


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